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We specialize in Foley recording, SFX and Sound Design for Film, TV series, games, animation, commercials, etc. Modern technologies allow us to execute tasks remotely. Due to this feature and our substantial experience, we offer our clients the best prices for the service. We work in a facility with great acoustic properties. We are an outsourced service provider. You can order Foley for your film without leaving your office or studio. We provide our services to clients all over the world including the USA, Canada, India, England, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, China, Singapore and among others. It is just as convenient to work with us as it is with a Foley studio around the corner. Our timely communication will make you forget that we are actually hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

The quality of our work comes from our knowledge of how Foley should sound. We have been recording it for 10 years and thus have honed our skills. We are completely confident in our good results. To prove it, when you first contact us, we are ready to process a small fragment of your movie free of change for you to make sure that you will be satisfied.
We take responsibility not only for quality but also time, so we always respect your deadlines. Several specialists could work on one project simultaneously. In this case, you get a quality product in a short period of time for a good price. We listen to and hear our customer. Our sound engineers have broad experience as mixing engineers in films and TV series of different complexity and quickly grasp what is required of them. Due to the nature of remote work, after the client views the material, his possible further corrections are included in the agreement.

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Boris Cremene

Director/Studio Manager

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Robert Blomberg


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Seth Larsson

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