„Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.“



Foley Full Coverage


per minute of ready and synchronised production

SFX Spot


on Foley price



 per day (movie)

Sound Design


per day

Sound Design


per week

Music & recording

Rehearsal, full orchestra


per hour

Rehearsal, full choir


per hour

Recording, full orchestra


per hour

Recording, full choir


per hour

Philharmonic / symphony orchestra (full set approx. 50 musicians)

Choir (40 singers)

Studio rental only

Foley studio with recording staff, props


per day

Big music studio


per day

(€50 per hour)

Middle music studio


per hour

(€40 per hour)

Recording incl. staff


per day

(€150 per hour)

Payment terms

10% on order, 30% at start, 60% after accepted delivery

No VAT is added. VAT is not applicable when services are exported from Moldova